CUZ Toasted Corn

CUZ Toasted Corn

Corn was a staple ingredient of ancient Mayan culture and pre-Columbian cuisine in South America. By adding this historical ingredient, originally from Cuzco, Peru, to a 54% dark chocolate, we have created a flavor so unique and delicious that everyone is talking about it!

  • ALP Aleppo Chile & Pink Peppercorn

    ALP Aleppo Chile & Pink Peppercorn Mild chile heat, bold peppercorn and 65% dark chocolate

  • BRU Cacao Nibs

    BRU Cacao Nibs Belgium-inspired dark chocolate with Cacao Nibs

  • Destination Bar Tasting Flight

    Destination Bar Tasting Flight Seduce your adventurous side with all six Destination Bars

  • KIX Wasabi Peas

    KIX Wasabi Peas Dark Chocolate blended with organic peas and Osaka wasabi

  • PHL Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel

    PHL Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzel Lancaster pretzels greet milk chocolate for a historical experience.

  • REU Caramelized Hazelnuts

    REU Caramelized Hazelnuts Spanish hazelnuts yield a boldly nutty, sweet flavor

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